Second Life Banjo



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$ 1850 USD


Those May Bell pot and resonator are among the best ones I have work with. They can be transform from open back to resonator banjo in a few seconds. The Silver Bell Tone ring is powerful and deliver a  loud and punchy sound with a good balance great for Bluegrass and many other type of music like Jazz and folk. I made one of those a few years ago ( No.1181-4) and it was a great banjo so I did it again.

Circa 1920 , 10 3/4 inches MAY BELL banjo rim and hardware in excellent condition. All the original hardware including the tension hooks have been newly re plated with nickel.

  • Original finish on the rim.
  • Silver Bell tone ring. Ther were 3 small cracks on the tone ring skirt but i fixed them by soldering a small plate at the back of each cracks. 
  • Resonator have been re finished with tru oil and wax.  
  • Original re plated flange.
  • New remo fiberskin 10 3/4 inches head
  • No KNot style nickel plated brass tailpiece.
  • Original re plated armrest
  • New 2 pieces walnut hand made neck with a 2 way adjustable truss rod. 20 frets. 24 1/2 inches scale. Ebony radius fingerboard with nickle and silver fret wire. Mother of pearl dots and hand cut inlays. Ebony head plate and heel cap.
  • Neck is 1 3/4 inch at the nut and 2 1/4 inches at the heel. action is 3 mm at the twelve fret. 
  • 3/4 inch Ebony and cherry radius bridge
  • New 14/1 ratio tuning machine
  • Unbleached bone nut.

Banjo weight  is 9 3/4  pounds.

Plated second Life banjo 1235-4