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Vega style N  large rim, new neck.

Second life banjo / Carl Arcand classic banjo. 

Details and options in the ''New Banjo model and prices'' page

Old Time fretless  Number 1320-4

Old Time fretless Number 1320-4.

Price : $2250 including hard shell case and shipping. 

More details on the ''Five strings banjo''  page.

Circa 1920 Orpheum No.2  short scale 5 strings banjo


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List of vintage Banjos in stock available for a new 5 string conversion neck or simply restoration to playing condition as tenor banjos. ( Update on July 4  2014) 


  • Gibson trapdoor banjo with original armrest and pick guard. Actually a tenor in great condition.
  • Orpheum No.2  12 1/8 inches rim Tenor banjo. 
  • Vega style N 10 3/4 inches rim with Tenor neck in good playing condition.
  • Vega little wonder 10 15/16 inches rim with Tenor neck in good playing condition.
  • Vega banjo mandolin  10 inches rim with neck in good playing condition.
  • Many spunover rims ready to be but back to life. Some Buckbee, Fairbanks, 




                        Each banjo is a one of a kind 

 Most of the banjos I recover need a  new neck and some replacement parts.

I shape the necks using  manual tools ( raps, files, sanding blocks, chisels, drawknive, spokeshave) and take all the time necessary to make sure it is  comfortable and easy to play. Every neck is made with the best quality wood and parts. 

Inlays are Mother of pearl or Abalone, I do not use plastic or synthetic inlay material.

Most of the bindings are made of wood  ( curly maple, bloodwood, Ebony, ) and on some occasions I use plastic synthetic tortoise or binding to match an original binding on the rim or resonator.

All the replacement hardware parts are made of brass with or without nickle plating. I do not use cheap metal parts even on a low budget banjo.

It is a passion and my goal is to put back to life old banjos making sure that they will last a life time and sound at their best.  




         Vintage wood rims for stability and sound

 Some of the best banjo makers are using submerge wood or old factory wood to make their banjo's rims. New knowledge  in the  banjo lutherie carries to use old wood to improve the sound quality of the instruments.

While recovering  vintage banjo rims,  I go in the same tendency. I am convinced  that it does  influences considerably the sound quality of the banjos. I also noticed as the density of wood is in most cases much higher than what is offered on the current market.

 Of course one day I will probably run out of good quality vintage  rims but for now it gives me the opportunity to offer great sounding banjos for a fraction of the price. 

These old  rims  crosses  the years without stumbling and were made to last.


      Nickle plated brass hardware and professional        quality replacement parts  

Using only the best hardware available I make sure that the banjos I build or restore are easy to set up and easy to keep in perfect shape. Not only high quality parts are easy to work with but they also raise the value of the instrument. they also  give the banjo a better sound.