Second Life Banjo

                                           Arcand banjos 

                                                                         BUILT to last a lifetime.

 I work with sugar maple, red maple and black cherry from the surroundings and from my land .The black walnut is from a local supplier and is from the north-east states of the USA or local lumbers. I only use the very best pieces of wood for a high structural stability and sound quality. I also have some exotic woods in reserve for special projects. The wood is air dry ans seasoned in my shop for at least 3 years.

The rims are made of North American hard maple, black cherry and black walnut. 

White oak wood ( for rims and necks) harvested on my land will be ready for banjos soon. 

The high quality of the wood chosen and  the way the wood is dried makes every Arcand banjo a unique sounding instrument.

Some of the hardware parts including tension hoop, bracket shoes, rolled brass tone rings, flesh hoops and tailpieces are hand made by me. I also buy  from different suppliers located in the USA and in Canada for other models. I use brass and nickel plated brass only.

To order a banjo  from the list below or to order a custom made banjo please write me at;    or call at 819-826-2544

Thank you for choosing a Arcand banjo 

Greetings from Ulverton


Note: For custom made banjos the shipping might not be  included in the price. Please enquire for shipping cost.

To order a Classic banjo 


                 Old time 

                 Thin rim serie

                      This serie is limited to 10 units. 

                 No 1/10 and no 2/10 are already sold.

To order no 3/10 please contact me at

                         or call me at 819-826-2544

11 inches rim : $1550,00

12 inches rim : $1650,00

14 inches rim ( Cello ) $2050,00 

1 ply  1/4 inch thick hard maple rim with binding insert.

One piece  black walnut neck.

Raw brass 1/4 inch round rod tone ring.

Handmade Raw brass  hardware 

Mother of pearl inlays.

Raw brass geared tuners.

Ebony fingerboard with scoop. 
Goatskin head.
Hardshell case and shipping included


Deposit for a Thin rim banjo.

No Image Available

$ 250 USD

When you pay for a down payment I automatically get your full name and address. Please include your phone number on the comment space on the form. Thank you for ordering one of my banjos.


Arcand Tubaphone: 

11 inches rim: $2350,00
12 inches rim: $2460,00
2 ply black cherry wood rim with ebony rim cap and wood binding.
One piece 5 years air dry black cherry wood neck.
Nickel plated brass tubaphone tone ring and hardware.
Side grooved tension hoop.
Mother of pearl inlays.
Gotoh or 5 stars tuners.
Real ebony fingerboard with scoop. 
Renaissance head.
Hard shell case.

Calfskin head: $30,00
Wire armrest: $15,00
Raw brass hardware: withdraw $50,00 
Maple instead of cherry: $120,00

Recent review for this model:

Arcand Dobson:

11 inches rim : $1750,00

12 inches rim : $1860,00

2 ply maple  rim with walnut rim cap.
One piece 5 years air dry black maple neck.
Raw brass Dobson tone ring and hardware.
18 bracket shoes and brass notched tension hoop.
Gotoh or 5 stars tuners.
Ebony scooped fingerboard, ebony headstock veneer with mother of pearl inlay. 
Renaissance head.


Calfskin head: $30,00
Wire armrest: $20,00
Nickel plated hardware: $110,00 
Black walnut neck instead of maple: $80,00
Mahogany neck instead of maple: Withdraw $30,0

Hard shell case : $150,00

Deposit for a Minstrel banjo

$ 250 USD

Maximum 12 weeks before delivery.

Balance is payable when the banjo is completed and ready for shipping. 

Please message me for special requests or options. 

Thank you for buying a Second Life banjo /Carl Arcand musical instrument. 


Minstrel banjo.

11 inches rim: $1295,00

12 inches rim $1395,00 

1/4 inch thick one ply hard rock maple rim. 

Red maple neck. 26 1/4 inches scale

Handmade raw brass hardware.

Goatskin head.

Ebony pegs.

Bone nut and Nylgut strings

Ebony tailpiece

Superior hard shell case. 


Geared pegs: $100,00 

Truss rod: $125,00 ( needed if to be strung with steel strings) 


Arcand long neck:

11 inches rim : $1500,00

12 inches rim : $1620,00

  • 2 ply  1/2 inch thick hard maple rim with hard rock maple rim cap and a binding insertion.

  • Two pieces  curly maple neck.

  • Raw brass 1/2 inch  rolled brass tone ring.

  • 24 bracket shoes, nickel plated hardware and

  • Notched tension hoop.

  • Mother of pearl inlays.

  • Gotoh or 5 stars tuners.

  • Ebony fingerboard with scoop. 

  • Fiberskin head.


Calfskin:  $30,00

Raw brass hardware; withdraw $25,00

Tubaphone tone ring: $350,00

Whyte laydie tone ring: $275,00

 Shipping is included in the price for Canada and continental United States. The $120,00 budget for shipping will be refunded if the banjo is picked up at the shop.  Delivery time is usually 4 days after payment unless some modification are required by the buyer. 

Hard Shell case are included. If you do not require a hard shell case the $150,00 budget for the case will also be refunded. Please read the banjo description  to make sure that the case is included.  

Railroad spikes ( fifth string capo) are installed for free. 


Every banjo is professionally set up and is ready for playing. All components have been put together with the most care and accuracy.  



 No left handed banjos at the moment.