Second Life Banjo


 PLEASE TAKE NOTE:   These banjos are not new and may have small bruises or scratches. Non of those will affect the banjo solidity or sound. Because some components are close to 100 years old, every part of those instruments have been carefully inspected, cleaned, polish and repair when needed.




Ukulele banjo

$ 540 USD

Circa 1920 Slingerland piccolo ukulele soprano banjo. All original except for new calfskin head, strings, tailpiece and replacement vintage friction tuners.

The 7 inches in diameter maple rim is made of one 3/8 inch maple ply with a inner veneer of 1/8 inch of birdseye maple and an thin outer veneer. The neck is also birdseye maple with a pearwood or walnut center strip. A few small cracks in the rime were repaired with a mix of glue and wood dust. It's totally round and solid and i replaced the 1/4 inch steel round rod tone ring by a bell brass one.  

The hardware including the tension hoop is all original and has been cleaned a lightly polished.

The calfskin in new and was mounted on a brass hoop. The neck is straight and the action is low and comfortable. The frets are new and the fingerboard was leveled. The scale is 14 inches.  

New Noknot nickel plated brass tailpiece. New mother of pearl nut. Antique grover bridge. Nylon trings. 

Rim and neck have been stripped of the old finish. Some bruises and old cracks still show under the new finish being part of the instrument's life. 

The sound is clear and clean . Enough sustain for melody style and a good punch in picking style. 

Ready for music and plated; Second Life banjo  No. 1263-4 


Circa 1920 Weymann Keystone state tenor banjo.

$ 650 USD



Very nice Weymannn keystone state tenor banjo. 

From what I know all the hardware is original except for the bracket washers and the Remo pre EPA head. The 10 1/2 inches rim is perfectly round with no de lamination and has the top angled and shaped to act as the tone ring.

Neck is straight and solid with only a small scratch at the back and a few little cracks in the head stock veneer. Some wear marks at the first fret but nothing else on the rest of the fingerboard. frets are fine The Patented neck hardware gives the opportunity to adjust the strings action just by turning the bolt in the middle of the dowel stick. despite the fact that the ferrule is quite big it is of a great efficiency and precision.

The Kerschner Unique tailpiece is an original one with the dates and patent. It is one of the best tailpiece for ''bridge tension on the head'' adjustments.

The Remo plastic head is from the seventies but is in new condition. Those are rare and usually cost 3 to 5 times the price of a new head.

 Comfortable nickel plated brass armrest with some wear on the plating but it is clean and solid. 

The original Grover tuners work very well and stay tuned. All the original washers and screws are present. 

The Non tip grover 5/8 bridge is in excellent shape. I cannot say if it's the original one,

All the nickel plated hardware is in very good condition with no rust at all. 

Actually strung with Tenor medium steel strings this little tenor banjo will surprise you by the great sound and volume it delivers. It is a perfect banjo for traveling. Almost indestructible and build to last.

Brought Back to music world in October 2015 by Carl Arcand  Second Life Banjo. 


Ukulele banjo No.1232-4

$ 525 USD





Ukelele banjo ready for another centure. 

This is a unknown brand vintage Ukelele banjo , Red maple rim and neck. 7 inches head diameter.

  • New calfskin head
  • New raw brass hand made tension hoop
  • new raw brass ball shoes, tension hooks and tension nuts
  • 1/8 of an inch round rod tone ring.
  • New no-knot raw brass tailpiece.
  • New African Ebony friction tuners
  • New Ebony fingerboard and new silver/nickel frets.
  • Mother of pearl inlays.
  • This little Uke is easy to tune and to play . It delivers a sweet old time sound .
  • Restored by Carl Arcand and plated Second Life banjo no.1232-4

Vega style K Banjo-Mandolin. Serial No 87158

$ 580 USD

Circa 1920 Vega Mandolin-Banjo ready to play for another century. 

10 inches Vega rim in excellent condition. I replaced the steel tone ring for a brass one to give the banjo a sweeter tone and a better projection. 

Tuning machine have been replaced for new ones.

New, nickel plated hooks and nuts.

New frets and neck set up for easy playing. 


New Goatskin head, bridge and no knot tailpiece. 

This Vega Banjolin is a fine, easy to play instrument with an unique sound.

Comes with the original hard shell case witch has been scraped of it's old tolex, repaired and varnished. 

 Restored by Carl Arcand in July 2015 and plated Second Life Banjo No.1227-4.


Slingerland MayBell Banjo Ukelele No.1216-4

$ 675 USD


Circa 1920 Slingerland MayBell black walnut banjo Ukulele. 

Very nice 8 inches walnut rim with a walnut cap.

All original hardware including the Slingerland tailpiece and dowel stick attachment hardware.

3 pieces walnut neck in excellent condition. 

Rosewood fingerboard with very little wear on the frets. Bone nut. Pear wood hell cap. New Ebony head plate with a new mother of pearl star. The original head plate was in very bad condition and the star was missing so I made a new one exactly the same. Tuners work well and hold the tuning right on. 

New medium gauge calfskin head of superior quality mounted with a square brass flesh hoop.

The rim and the neck have been re finished with a light coat of oil stain to give the wood it's life back and 4 coats of tru oil for a solid, easy to repair and non sticky finish. 

A very nice,ready for another century of playing Banjo Ukulele plated second life banjo No. 1216-4. Restored in October 2014.

If you are looking for a 4 strings banjo please e-mail your request and I will be pleased to build one for you using Vintage and/or new parts

Thank you