Second Life Banjo

 On this page you will occasionally find parts for sale 

Shipping is included in the price  for USA and Canada only, other countries please contact me to find out what is the extra cost for your location.

I do not have the time to take pictures and write the description of all the spare parts I have so if you need a missing part for your banjo please feel free to write. 


Neck angle adjuster.

$ 115 USD

This simple mechanism  was invented a while ago back in the 19th century and was very popular on English made banjos like Clifford Exex and American banjos like Cole banjos to adjust banjo neck angle for different playing conditions. Can be installed on a vintage banjo that need angle adjustments and on new banjos made with thin rims. The adjuster is made of solid brass and required that the wooded tailpiece been cut 5/8 inch shorter and filed to 1/2 inch square for 3/4 inch long section  to fit the adjustment ferrule.  

Those are entirely hand made and quantity are limited. calculate about 2 weeks for delivery to your door.  

Shipping included for USA and Canada.



Grover tuners

$ 105 USD



Very nice complete set of vintage Grover tuners in excellent condition 

All washers and screws are intact 



Vega Little Wonder tenor neck

$ 125 USD




Very nice Vega little wonder neck ideal for a replacement.

Fingerboard and frets show very little wear, no finger marks.

Neck is perfectly straight, no damages on the binding.

Pictures says it all. 

Shipping and packaging included.