Second Life Banjo

Repairs and spare parts.


  • Broken necks.
  • Fretting.
  • Complete or part  set up.
  • New tone ring.
  • New finish.
  • Missing parts.
  • New rim veneer.
  • Complete restoration.
  • Special inlays.
  • Replacement neck for your old banjo. 



 I can build the banjo you always wanted. Let's talk about it in an email exchange or on the phone. 


Carl Arcand

E-mail : 

PHONE  :  819-826-2544  



Down payment for a complete neck or extensive repairs.

No Image Available

$ 250 USD

If you order a new neck for your banjo or extensive repairs please pay the deposit and your coordinates will be recorded. Your banjo repairs will become next in the schedule . Please correspond by email using the same message back and fort to maintain the entire conversation on the same page. Thank you for choosing Second Life Banjo for your loved instruments.


Some examples of custom made banjos. 

You can see more on the '' Sold and Happy'' page