Second Life Banjo

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George Matthews  classic banjo no.592

New Home: Temisquata sur le lac, Quebec, Canada.

Old Time No. 1307-4 banjo

New home: Sold to Curtis. I do not remember where!!


Luscomb banjo

New home : Oakland, California. 


Minstrel banjo no 3 of 10 

Second Life Banjo Carl Arcand no. 1289-4 

New Home: Bolton-Est, Qc, Canada

Old Time No.1296-4 brass spunover.

New Home , Quebec City, Canada.

Old Time thin rim no. 10 of 10. Large rim. No.1301-4

New Home. Saint Hilaire, Québec, Canada

Old Time Thin Rim No. 8 of 10 Dobson tone ring

New Home: Belesta, France.

Old Time No. 1303-4

New Home Gatineau, Quebec,Canada 

1893 Fairbanks Electric serial No.14620

New home:  Lena, Illinoisé United States. 

Arcand Dobson banjo 1269-9

New Home:  France.

Arcand Dobson 1279-4

New home : Cape Elizabeth ME. United states.

Minstrel banjo ( Boucher style)  no 1184-4 

New home : Sand Spring, OK. United states 

Old time No. 1238-4 Nickel / silver spunover rim with a new fretless neck.

New home: Montreal. Canada.

Arcand Old time Classic banjo. 1277-4

New home,  North Troy, Vermont , United States.

Ruttberg & Lange Orpheum No.2       S.L.B.1251-4

New Home: Palatine, IL. United states 

J.B. Schall 11 13/16 inches rim with a cherry neck No.1247-4

New Home. Montreal, Qc. Canada.

A scale with Bacon tone ring  1274-4

New home: Virginia. United States.

Vega Little Wonder large pot with a new neck  No. 1230-4

New home, Chicago, Illinois, United States


S.S.Stewart special banjo. No.1270-4 

New home:  Eagle, Indiana, United States 

Old Time banjo No.1275-4

New home: Glen Arm, Maryland, United states.

George P. Matthew fretless banjo

New Home; Montreal, Canada



Whyte Laydie No.1219-4  

New Home ;Huntsville, Alabama, United States.



Old time No 1250-4 A scale banjo.

New home; Virginia, United States.


Old Time No.1260-4

New home, San-Antonio  Texas, United States.


Black Cherry with a Tubaphone tone ring Arcand Banjo no.1273-4

New home : Saint-Paul Minnesota, United States

May Bell recording Nite Hawk 5 strings banjo

New home: South Carolina, United States

 1927 Gibson TB-1 Restored. 5 strings conversion neck.

New home, nouvelle demeure, Montréal, Canada

Arcand Tubaphone No.1258-4

New home, Vermont, United States

1929 Vega style N large rim with a new hard maple neck.

New home:  Michigan, United States 


Gibson RB-250 Bowtie parts banjo.

New home: Cary, South Carolina, United States.

1892 Fairbanks & Cole restored and setup.

New home: Ottawa, Canada 

Old time 1267-4 Dobson tone ring, black walnut neck. 

New home:Cary, North Carolina, USA

Arcand  Gibson style bluegrass banjo No.1219-4

New Home: Tingwick, Quebec, Canada  

Circa 1890 George Washburn 11 inches banjo

New home:  Croissy sur Seine , France

Circa 1890 George Washburn 11 inches banjo


Old Time No. 1257-4 Dobson tone ring

New Home: Covington,Georgia, United-States

Lyon & Healy  restored banjo No. 1255-4

New Home: Toronto, Ontario, Canada 

1924 Vega Tubaphone large rim No.62824  No.1249-4

New Home:  Milledgeville, Georgia, United States

Gibson 1919 trapdoor. Short scale 5 strings neck No.1245-4

New home: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Old time No. 1237-4 Buckbee rim / new neck

New Home: Montreal, Quebec, Canada 

Slingerland pot assembly with a new neck No.1220-4

New Home:  Montreal, Quebec, Canada 

Carl Arcand no. 1239-4   Walnut, bluegrass with bowtie inlays TN-20 tone ring.

New home;   Amherst Massachusetts , United states

New banjo  1217-4  12 inches black walnut banjo with a bacon tone ring

New home:  East Cleveland , Ohio , United States

Gibson Trap door with a new short scale neck # 1229-4

New Home : Blaine , Tennessee , United States

Late 1800 George Washburn no. 353

New Home:  Rogers , Minnesota , United States

 Vega whyte laydie large rim and new neck

New home:   Enfield, New hampshire, United States

Vega Little Wonder Large rim, S.L.B. No 1230-4

New home :  Staunton,Virginia, United States 


Old Time No.1236-4 Spunover rim and new walnut neck

New Home ; Flat Rock,  Indiana, United states 


Old time No.1231-4 . Dobson tone ring.

New home :  Knoxville, Tennessee, United States


1961 Gibson RB-100 5 strings conversion banjo.

New Home : Beaumont, Texas, United states

GIBSON Trapdoor converted to a 20 1/4 inch scale 5 string banjo.

New Home:  Pennsylvania, United States

Paramount style C with a new 5 strings neck.

New home: North Carolina, United States

Old time banjo No. 1224-4 

New Home : Lopez Island, Washington, United States

Old time 1222-4 late 1800 rim with a new neck and tone ring.

New Home:   KNX. Tennessee, United States

FretLess with radius fingerboard. Old time No. 1226-4 

New Home : Toronto , Canada 

New Dobson Style Banjo. Custom Made No. 1223-4 

New Home:  Tucson Arizona USA

Buckbee 5 string banjo No 1213-4

New Home ( Massachusetts  USA )

Dobson style black walnut banjo No.1212-4

New Home : Tennessee USA

New Dobson style banjo custom made  No. 1221-4 

New Home:  New York  USA .

Vega Style N 5 strings banjo No. 1211-4

 New  home  ( Illinois USA )

Restored Gatcomb 5 strings banjo

New home ( Illinois  USA )

 Gibson Wreath . New neck and resonator, Gibson pot. No 1217-4

New home ( North Carolina USA )

Paramount style B restoration with a new hand made 5 strings neck.

( New Home: North Carolina )

Custom made all maple, slotted head, Whyte Laydie deep rim 5 strings frailing banjo       No 1214-4

( New home, Vancouver , Canada )

Vega Vegaphone open back with a conversion neck  No. 1215-4

New Home: Toronto, Canada.

Old Time Frailing banjo No. 1199-4

New Home :Melbourne, Australia 



Gibson Mastertone parts banjo. No. 1205-4

New home : Ontario, Canada 



 Orpheum No. 1 conversion to 5 strings. No 1206-4 
New home: California, United states


Old Time No. 1207-4 Spunover rim with new Walnut neck  
New home: Florida, United States 


1920 Vega Style N with 5 strings conversion neck  No. 1186-4 

New Home: Florida , United States 

12 inches brass spunover rim with a Buckbee style neck No. 1204-4

New Home : North Carolina, United states)

Vega Senator parts 5 strings banjo No. 1202-4

( New Home:  Maine, United States)

Slingerland professional 5 strings conversion. No. 1201-4

( New Home Montreal, Canada) 

Early 1900 George Washburn

( New Home. Grenoble  France )

Vega Little wonder with a custom made long neck. No 1206-4

 ( New home: Nova Scotia , Canada ) 

Vega style N 11 3/4 inches rim 5 strings banjo No. 1198-4

( New Home: North Carolina, United stated )

Gibson part left handed bluegrass banjo 

No. 1202-4 

( New home: Louisiana ) 



Old time 5 strings banjo 1168-3

( New home: Illinois USA ) 


Old time 25 1/2 inch scale brass spun over rim with new neck and hardware   No.1197-4  ( New Home:  Illinois USA )


 1930 Gretsch pot assembly restore to 5 strings N0. 1191-4

( New home: Australia ) 


 Piccolo Banjo No.1194-4 

( New Home:  Nova Scotia Canada )



 Gibson parts and new repro neck. No. 1196-4

( New home . Ontario Canada )


 Circa 1890 Buckbee rim with new hardware and neck  No. 1195-4

( New home: State College Pensylvania USA)


  Gibson TB  1921 12 inches rim with new conversion neck

(New home:  North Carolina  USA )  

 WM. L. Lange Paramount banjo    SLB No 1178-4

(New home:  North Carolina  USA   )  


 Circa 1890 Buckbee rim with new Black Cherry neck No. 1190-4

(New home:  California USA   )  


 Old time No. 1163-3 Left handed banjo

(New home: Oslo  Norway )   


  Old time No. 1188- 4.    Custom made left handed using owner 's Slingerland pot assembly 

( New home: New York USA)


  Frailing banjo No. 1187- 4.    25 1/2 inches scale 

( New home: B.C. Canada)


 Vega Style N    1928 No. 81093 with a new mahogany neck.

( New home: Ohio USA)

 1920 Gibson Trapdoor 5 strings convertion

( New home:  Ste-Rose, Quebec, Canada)


 Old time banjo No. 1181-4   25 1/2 inch scale . Walnut neck 

( New home: Western Australia )

Lyon & Healy  circa 1890   25 inches scale open back 5 strings banjo. 

New home: Saint-Louis MO. USA )

 Vega style White Laydie and integral resonator. no. 1183-4                                 ( New home : Northwest territories,  Canada )


May Bell Slingerland 5 strings banjo                                                                      ( New home : Wisconsin USA )


Gibson Mastertone parts/ new neck bluegrass banjo         ( New home:  South Carolina USA )


 Slingerland Professional serie 5 strings banjo 1173-3              (New Home  Ontario Canada)


 W.M. Lange Orpheum No 1 converted to 5 strings                    ( New home: Alaska USA) 


 Left handed 5 strings with a plate resonator                            ( New home: Nevada USA )

Circa 1924 Vega little Wonder  converted to 5 strings            ( New home: California  USA )


All Mahogany Tubaphone 5 strings open back banjo              ( New Home : New York USA )


 Wasburn Rim with new 5 strings neck Frailing banjo N0. 1180-4  ( new Home Kansas USA)

 S.S. Stewart restored 5 strings banjo                                       ( New Home: Iowa USA) 

Barnes and Mullin early 1900   5 strings banjo 


 Five strings Frailing banjo with spun over rim


 Gibson Mastertone  


 Restored arch top ESTE banjo converted to 5 strings


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Old time 5 strings banjo 1147-3

 ( New home : British Columbia Canada )


Open back 5 strings scooped neck for frailing 1167-3 

( New home : British Columbia Canada )


Vega Style N 5 strings banjo 

 ( New home : Oregon USA )


Slingerland May Bell plectrum banjo  1146-4

 ( New home : Netherlands )

 Old time 5 strings banjo 1166-3


Slingerland arch top open back 1172-3


 5 Strings open back  1160-3


 5 strings open back banjo 1155-3


 Old time 5 strings open back circa 1935 Slingerland rim and hardware 1165-3


 Great old time 5 string banjo 1161-3


 1929 Vega Little Wonder 5 strings

Bill Cheatum (1).mp3

Left handed 5 strings open back banjo 1143-3

 Vintage 5 strings open back 1162-3


 Vintage 5 strings  with resonator. Circa 1935 Régal banjo

 Great Old time 5 strings Banjo 1142-3

Lyon & Healy banjo mandolin 

 May Bell 19 frets tenor banjo

 Old time 5 strings banjo 1144-3

 Old time 5 strings banjo 1141-3

 Left handed bluegrass banjo 1142-4

 Gariepy  left handed 5 strings banjo