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At Second Life banjo Every banjo is guaranteed and will be repair at no charge if defective.

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Railroad spikes ( fifth string capo) are installed for free on request. 

 Every banjo is professionally set up and is ready for playing. All components have been put together with the most care and accuracy.  

I accept returns within 7 days after reception a if the banjo is defective or does not correspond to the description . Other reasons may also be taken in consideration . ( Return and  shipping costs may not be refundable )


 PLEASE TAKE NOTE:   The restored vintage banjos for sale  have small bruises or scratches. None of those will affect the banjo solidity or sound. Because some components are close to 100 years old, every part of those instruments have been carefully inspected, cleaned, polished and repaired when needed.


$ 1750 USD

Vintage 11 7/8 inches silver double spun over English oak rim bought without a neck and with missing many hooks and nut. Most probably J.E. Dallas made. It is 3/8 thick by 2 1/4 inches deep . The bracket shoes and bolts are all original and the hooks and nuts are new. The new hand made 25 1/2 inches scale white oak neck is made from a 175 years old tree. Ebony fingerboard, back plate and heel cap. Bocote wood headstock veneer and scoop plate. Two way adjustable truss rod, Mother of pearl inlays, Rickard's high ratio cyclone tuners. Goatskin head mounted on a brass flesh hoop. 9/16 inch bridge. The beautiful and adjustable tailpiece is from an 1890 J.E. Dallas made banjo that I bought for parts many years ago and kept for a special project. Great sounding old time banjo with good sustain and volume, Can be strung with steel or nylon strings. Second Life Banjo / Carl Arcand. Plated number 1374-4 and ready for another century of music.

Arcand concert banjo.

$ 2150 USD

Eleven inches in diameter half inch thick Northern hard maple rim. Blackwood rim cap and rolled brass flat bar tone ring. wood marquetry strips. Figure hard rock maple neck, 25 1/2 inches scale ebony fingerboard. 1 3/8 inch wide at the nut. Dowel stick and coordinator rod assembly. ( early 1920 Gibson) Original Gibson nickel plated brass tension hooks and nuts. Remo Fiberskin head. Rickard high ratio tuners with ebony buttons. Custom made cherry and ebony bridge. Kershner tailpiece. Plated Second Life banjo / Carl Arcand number 1371-4 and ready for music. Superior Hardshell case included.

GATCOMB Fretless restored banjo Early 1880's

$ 3250 USD

Gatcomb five strings banjo from early 1880. The pot is 11 1/8 inches in diameter made of hard maple and a thin dark red veneer that can be rosewood. All 38 bracket shoes are original and have being cleaned and hand polished. I fabricated one tension hook and one plate that were missing. A supplier in WV supplied the missing nut. New goatskin head from Jamaica. Stained black cherry and ebony Bill Rickard's bridge. Tailpiece is the original one except for the wooden part that was broken. The neck is new and is a reproduction of the original one that was twisted beyond repairs. Ten years shop dry Black walnut and ebony neck. Same woods and inlays, same profile and dimensions. Hand cut sea shells inlays. Geared classic pegs with ebony knobs. This rare and wonderful banjo was restored for playing music again. Sound is deep and clean with a unique voice. it plays like a dream. Strung with Nylgut strings and a silver wounded silk forth string. Hardshell case included

SOLD Arcand Concert Banjo

$ 2450 USD

SOLD. Sugar maple and ebony neck. 25 1/2 inches scale. 1 3/8 inch wide at the nut. Double action truss rod. 12 inches sugar maple two ply rim. Granadillo rim cap. Wooden stripes purflings. Rickard's high ratio tuners. Elite amber head. Arcand crescent bridge, maple and ebony. Nickel plated brass Kershner adjustable tailpiece. Strung with medium gauge d'Addario steel strings. Punchy and lots of volume and a great forth bass and clean highs. Good balance all over the neck. Superior hardshell case included. Plated Second Life Banjo / Carl Arcand number 1369-4 and ready for music.

SOLD Old time spunover N. 1368-4

$ 1650 USD

SOLD Orphean double spunover 11 inches rim ( most probably Lyon & Healy made ) with new brass hardware. Hand made one piece black cherry neck. Ebony headstock veneer and back plate. Ebony fingerboard. Adjustable two way truss rod. 1 3/8 inch wide at the nut. 25 1/2 inches scale. Gotoh brass tuners. Goatskin head. Handmade tension hoop. Custom made cherry and ebony bridge. Gig Bag or hardshell case available. Plated Second Life Banjo / Carl Arcand N. 1368-4 and ready for music.

Old Time thin rim fretless oak banjo

$ 1650 USD

12 inches white oak rim 1/4 inch thick 3 inches deep with a brass round rod tone ring and marquetry binding. White oak one piece neck. 1 3/8 inch at the nut and 2 1/8 inches at the heel. Ebony fingerboard, headstock veneer and back plate. Aged Brass hardware. Geared pegs. Custom made bridge. Goatskin head from Jamaica. Nylgut 5B strings. Deep and clean sound. good volume. great old time tone. Plated Second Life Banjo / Carl Arcand number 1367-4.

SOLD Old Time thin Rim 1365-4. Black cherry wood

$ 0000000000 USD

SOLD To Order a cherry thin rim banjo please go to the ''New Banjos, Models and prices'' page..... First of a serie black cherry wood thin rim banjos. This the thirty fourth of the Old Time thin rim models. It's my version of the mid 18th century banjos before they start spunover the rims with brass of nickel silver. One ply 11 inches diameter 1/4 inch thick cherry rim with a round rod tone ring. 3 inches deep pot. One piece neck with two way adjustable truss rod. 25 1/2 inches scale, 1 3/8 inch wide at the nut. Jamaican goatskin supplied by jeff Menzies. Hand made and aged brass hardware. Gotoh Tuning machines. Mother of pearl inlay and dots. Very good banjo for clawhammer and finger style. Good note separation and clarity and a lot of deepness in the overall. Sustain is well balanced between highs and lows. Hard shell case and gig bag available, Plated Second Life/Carl Arcand number 1365-5 and ready for music.

Buckbee restored banjo. 1364-4

$ 1150 USD

Most probably Buckbee made from late 1890. 10 inches double spunover and nice figure black cherry rim. Nickel plated brass rim clad and hardware. Black cherry neck with new ebony fingerboard and nickel silver frets. 25 1/2 inches scale. New goatskin head. New geared pegs, ebony knobs. Reproduction tailpiece. Strung with nylgut medium tension strings. Custom hand made 11/16 inch tall bridge. Very light banjo ( 3,25 pounds.) plays very well and has a good clarity and lost of volume. Plated Second Life Banjo/ Carl Arcand number 1364-4 and ready for music. Boulder Gig Bag and hardshell case available.

Old Time thin. Dobson tone ring

$ 2250 USD

Old time thin rim number 1362-4. Black cherry one piece neck with adjustable truss rod, ebony headstock veneer and back plate. 25 1/2 inches scale, 1 3/8 inch wide nut. One ply 11 inches hard maple rim. Dobson tone ring with 3/16 inch round rod. 3 inches deep pot. Aged brass and handmade hardware. Rickard high ratio cyclone tuners. Jamaican goatskin. Superior hardshell case. Plated Second Life Banjo / Carl Arcand number 1362-4 and ready for music.




12 inches internal resonator maple banjo number 1351-4

$ 2450 USD

12 inches x 1/2 inch hard maple rim with an internal resonator. Little Wonder tone ring. Curly maple with walnut centerstrip neck . Two way truss rod, 1 3/8 inch at the nut, 25 1\2 inches scale Jamaican goatskin from Jeff Menzies. Cyclone high ratio tuners from Bill Rickard. Arcand sound opener tailpiece. Arcand Custom made vintage wood bridge. Superior hardshell case. Plated Second Life Banjo / Carl Arcand 1351-4 and ready for music.



SOLD Boucher style fretless maple and ebony banjo.

$ 1850 USD

SOLD 12 inches hard maple 1/4 inch thick rim. Real wood marquetry bindings and a round rod brass tone hoop. Raw brass hardware. One piece red maple neck Geared pegs. Goatskin from Jeff Menzies. Macassar ebony fingerboard. Black ebony back plate and tailpiece. Nylgut medium tension strings with a wounded nylon forth string. Handmade maple/ ebony bridge Lots of volume, deep and clean sound with just enough sustain. Plated Second Life Banjo / Carl Arcand number 1360-4 and ready for a century of music. This is the fifth of a new serie of six thin rim banjos I started in last December. Hardshell case or gig-bag available.

SOLD Arcand Classic concert banjo. no. 1350-4

$ 2150 USD

SOLD Black cherry 12 inches rim with a Little Wonder tone ring. Jeff Menzies goatskin from Jamaica. One piece neck. Adjustable truss rod. Ebony fingerboard. Mother of pearl ''Man in the moon'' hand cut and engraved inlays. Gotoh brass tuners. Custom made bridge. Aged raw brass hardware. This all new banjo was played for a few weeks by someone who needed a banjo while I was fixing hers. So I consider it used and withdraw 250$ off the price. Comes with a hard-shell case. Plated Second Life Banjo / Carl Arcand number 1350-4 and ready for a century of music.

SOLD Second Life banjo / Carl Arcand no. 1356-4. Old time thin rim

$ 1850 USD

SOLD Hard Maple single ply rim. 3 inches deep pot. Dobson tone ring. Hand made aged brass hardware. One piece white oak neck. Gotoh tuners. Goatskin head. Medium gauge steel strings. Old Time thin rim number 4 of a serie of 6. 28th thin rim banjo.


SOLD. S.S.Stewart Student grade 2 banjo serial number 1569

$ 950 USD

This rare S.S. Stewart grade 2 banjo is restored to playing condition. Some works was done on the inside of the rim. Someone had laminated a layer of wood inside the rim that I had to remove. so the rim is refinished on the inside back to the black cherry original rim. The tension hooks and nuts are new reproduction high quality parts. The black cherry wood neck is in very good condition with the original fingerboard and frets . Only two points of the five point star inlay on the headstock were missing. The back of the neck heel was also in need of work for a better fit to the pot. New goatskin head. New nylgut strings. There was a recent tailpiece that I replaced by one from the same time period. Nice and rare tailpiece from F.& C Ebony friction tuners that works great and keep the banjo in tune. Ready for another century of music. Hardshell case available. Please enquire for shipping cost.



SOLD Old Time thin rim N. 1347-4 Dobson tone ring

$ 1850 USD

SOLD Number 2 of 5 of the third serie of Old time thin rim banjos. One ply 11 inches hard maple rim. Dobson tone ring. Goatskin head. Gotoh Tuners. One piece black cherry wood neck with ebony headstock veneer and back plate. Blackwood Tek scooped fingerboard.m 1 3/8 inch wide at the nut and 2 inches wide at the heel. Moon bridge Tru-oil and wax finish. Two way truss rod. Heel access. 25 1/2 inches scale. Superior hardshell case included. A fun to play banjo with a great Old time sound. Plated Second Life Banjo number 1347-4 and ready for a century of music.

S.S.Stewart Orchestra banjo from 1891

$ 1750 USD


Second Life Banjo/ Carl Arcand number 1346-4 Lyon & Healy

$ 1450 USD

Circa 1890 Lyon & Healy complete 11 inches double spunover pot cleaned and restored and with a new goatskin head. New hard black cherry one piece neck with a two way truss rod. 20 inches radius Blackwood Tek polished fingerboard. Black cherry harvested in the surrounding and air dried five years i my shop. A very comfortable to play with an old time tone banjo. Gotoh geared Tuner. 1899 Elite tailpiece. Nickel plated wire armrest. Plated Second Life Banjo / Carl Arcand number1346-4. Ready for a century of music. Hardshell case available for a 175$ extra. Please enquire for Shipping.


$ 1650 USD

SOLD Vintage unmarked 12 inches oak rim with a nickel/silver double spunover. One piece white oak and ebony neck 25 1/2 inches scale. Adjustable double action truss rod. Natural calfskin. 1/2 inch moonbridge Rickard high ratio tuners with ebony buttons. Original No knot Tailpiece. Superior Hardshell case available on request for 150$ Plated Second Life Banjo / Carl Arcand number 1344-4 and ready for a century of music.

Old Time Thin Rim Fretless number 1343-4 SOLD

$ 1200 USD

SOLD . New home :Ontario, Canada.... Old Time Thin rim fretless banjo. One ply hard Maple rim 11 7/8 inches in diameter 3 1/4 inches deep with a Round rod tone ring. Jamaican goatskin. Handmade aged raw brass hardware. Red maple one piece neck with an ebony fingerboard Geared pegs with ebony buttons Unbleached bone nuts. Strung with Nylgut classic banjo strings. Ebony tailpiece with bone spacer that sits on the tension hoop for stability and sound. Tru-oil and wax finish. Hard shell case available with supplement of 150$ Plated Second Life Banjo / Carl Arcand number 1343-4 and ready for music. Please enquire for shipping cost and hardshell case.

Arcand Resonator banjo. SOLD

$ 2450 USD

SOLD Built in 2015 and restored in 2021. Re finished with Lacquer, new strings, polished hardware, fret job, new bridge and tuners knobs. Hard rock three plies maple rim with a Tennessee 20 tone ring. One piece south American mahogany neck. Two way truss rod, top quality ebony fingerboard and headstock veneer. Hand cut pearl inlays. Neck is 1 3/8 inch wide at the nut and 2 inches at the pot junction. Cox mahogany resonator. Purcha one piece flange. Nickel plated brass armrest with an ebony cap. Superior hard-shell case. Value of 3200$ new. Plated Second Life Banjo / Carl Arcand 1239-4 and ready for music.

ON HOLD Arcand Dobson number 1340-4

$ 1875 USD

ON HOLD Dobson tone ring. Black walnut one piece neck with ajustable truss rod. 25 inches ebony fingerboard with a brass plated scoop. One ply 1/4 inch maple rim. Aged brass hardware. Gotoh tuners. Goatskin head. Superior hardshell case. Plated Second Life banjo */ Carl Arcand number 1340-4 and ready for music.

W.M. Karnolt fretless banjo SOLD

$ 950 USD

SOLD W.M. Karnolt fretless banjo. Original spunover rim, tension hoop and dowel stick Rim is black cherry and is 11 1/2 inches in diameter. New one piece black cherry neck with the same peghead and heel profiles as the original. Adjustsble truss rod. 1 3/8 wide at the nut. Ebony headstock veneer and back plate. Ebony fingerboard. Geared pegs with ebony buttons Strung with nylgut strings but can support steel strings. Goatskin. New bracket shoes, rim bolts, hooks and nuts.

Old Time 1336-4 Alfred Cammeyer banjo

$ 1850 USD

SOLD ON SEPT. 6 2021. Alfred Cammeyer pot from mid 1890. 12 inches diameter solid oak one ply rim with nickel silver double spunover. Hardware is Original with one handmade reproduction bracket shoe and 2 replacement hook, shoe and nut that were added sometime in the past. Original tailpiece and tension hoop with plating wear showing brass areas. New Jamaican goatskin head. Original neck brace and heel cap. One piece white oak neck aged for five years in my shop.There is an adjustable two way truss rod with heel access, Waverly high ratio tuners with ebony buttons. Ebony fingerboard, Ebony headstock veneer and headstock backplate. 25 1/2 inches sclale, 1 3/8 wide at the nut, slim profile for easy playing. Strung with nylgut but accepts steel strings. 1/2 inch Moon Bridge. Protected and shipped with a Superior hardshell case with wrench key and spare set of strings. Sound wonderful for Old time ballads and waltzes with nylgut strings. It is a high quality pot that I could not resist putting it back to the music world. Plated Second Life Banjo / Carl Arcand number 1336-4 and ready for another century of music.

Old time Second Life banjo/ Carl Arcand number 1332-4

$ 1450 USD

SOLD ..... Hard Maple laminated rim with a brass round rod tone ring, ebony cap and aged brass finish. Goatskin head. Black walnut one piece neck with ebony fingerboard and headstock veneer. 25 1/2 inches scale. 3/8'' strings spacing at the nut. Moon bridge. Van Eps style hand made raw brass tension hoop. Raw brass Gotoh tuning machines. Low action, Deep third and fort . plenty of sustain that can be set to the level you want with a head/dowel padding. Presently setup with medium gauge steel strings and 11/16'' Moon bridge. Can be custom setup before shipping. Second Life Banjo/ Carl Arcand number 1332-4, ready for music.



Old Time Thin Rim 1330-4 White oak neck

$ 1550 USD

SOLD. ..Old time thin rim number 3 of 5. 25 1/2 inches scale. Ebony Fingerboard. 1 3/8 inch at the nut. 2 inches at the heel. 2 way truss rod. 5 years shop air dry white oak from a 160 years old tree that was put down by a tornado in 2016. One ply rock maple rim. Aged brass and handmade hardware. Jamaican goatskin. Brass round rod tone ring. Gotoh brass tuners. Custom bridge made with 120 years old rim. Shipped in a Superior hardshell case. Sweet and powerful in the same time. Deep lows and clean highs, good sustain and even sound all the way up on the neck. Action is 1/8 of n inch at the last fret. Second Life Banjo/ Carl Arcand number 1330-4


L.B. Gatcomb circa 1880 banjo. SOLD

$ 000000000 USD

SOLD L.B. Gatcomb circa 1880 very rare banjo. So far it is a one of a kind from the Boston maker. It's the first Gatcomb banjo seen with this wonderful hardware. Entirely made of Rosewood with ebony pegs. It's a flush frets fingerboard 26 1/2 inches scale and a very comfortable neck. The 11 inches one ply rosewood rim reminds some Buckbee and Hammig banjos from the same period. The restoration process included a new goatskin head, a handmade tailpiece, new ebony pegs and I also reproduced 4 of the tension hook plates. I also re glue the rim joint and finish it with linseed oil. All the rest is original and the banjo is very easy to play. Banjo will be shipped in a new Superior bump hardshell case. Ready for a another century of music.


S.S.Stewart late 1890 5 strings banjo

$ 1695 USD

SOLD......S.S.Stewart banjo made in around 1895 (Serial number no. 50090) in great playing condition. Action is perfect for the nylgut strings, Original tuners work fine and hold tuning. The banjo show very little playing wear, the fingerboard and the frets are in very good condition. No cracks, no repairs on the all original neck. The spunover pot is solid and close to perfectly round, not twisted or cracked. The plating has a nice patina, with all the original bracket shoes, nuts, tension hooks nuts. A new goatskin head mounted on a brass hoop was installed and the tension hoop ( that was in bad shape) was replaced by one from another Stewart banjo and from the same time period. I hand made a reproduction of a the S.S. Stewart tailpiece . 26 1/4 inches scale. 10 1//2 inches diameter rim Setup with nylgut strings and 1/2 inch vintage bridge. Comes with a new superior hardshell case. Shipping paid by buyer.


J.B. Schall late 1880 banjo

$ 1650 USD

SOLD TO JERRY. Beautiful J.B. Schall late 1880 banjo. 12 inches pot maple banjo. 27 3/4 inches scale. New goatskin head Nylgut strings. Sweet old time voice. Restored by Second Life Banjo and ready for another century of music. Like most restored banjos no plate were added to keep the banjo original aspect. .


OLD TIME 1324-4

$ 1275 USD

SOLD TO PIER-PHILIPPPE.....Circa 1890 eleven inches brass spunover over maple rim from Buckbee banjo. New black cherry neck, adjustable truss rod, 25 1/2 inches scale. 1/3/8 inch wide at the nut. Low action with a 5/8 bridge. Gotoh brass tuners. All aged raw brass hardware. Superior hardshell case. Sweet old time sound well balanced between a deep forth and clean highs. Plated second Life banjo /Carl Arcand number 1324-4 and ready for another century of music.

Old time Fretless Second Life Banjo Number 1320-4

$ 1450 USD

SOLD ....... Beautiful 11 inches nickel plated brass double spunover cherry wood rim from late 1880. Vintage hardware including 30 Original Vega water drop bracket shoes in like new condition, New one piece black cherry wood neck with ebony fingerboard and headstock veneer Adjustable 2 way truss rod.. The neck is 1 9/16 wide at the nut and 2 1/16 at the heel. Mother of pearl inlays. Gotoh tuners. Jamaican goatskin Menzies.instruments Custom made bridge. Superior hardshell case. Strung with steel or nylgut strings. ( your choice ) Plated Second Life banjo no 1320-4 and ready for a century of music.


Arcand Minstrel banjo number 5 of 10.

$ 00000000000 USD

SOLD to David This is no.5 out of a serie of 10 minstrel banjos. Every banjo has something different. The spirit remain the same. Deep singing tone. Great for old time music and clawhammer style. Presently strung with minstrel nylgut strings for low tuning, this banjo can be strung with classic banjo nylon or nylgut strings for many tunings style, The rim is a 2 ply hard maple rim, 12 inches in diameter and 5/16 of an inch thick. Ebony rim cap Sugar spalted maple neck harverted 5 years ago and air dried in my shop. 1 1/2 inch at the nut and 2 1/4 inches at the heel. Bone nuts. Geared pegs. Nylgut strings. Handmade bracket shoes and tension hoop. All raw brass hardware. Ebony tailpiece. Goatskin head. Hard shell case included. Plated Second life banjo / Carl Arcand No.1306-4 and ready to play.

SOLD Arcand Classic no 1305-4 black cherry wood.

$ 2450 USD

SOLD This banjo is no longer available . To order one please send me a email. All black cherry wood construction. The wood was 5 years air dry in my shop for optimal stability and sound. 11 inches, 2 ply rim with a Little Wonder tone ring, wood purflings and a grenadillo rim cap. Goatskin head, handmade aged brass bracket shoes and tailpiece. Side grooved brass tension hoop. Raw brass wire armrest. One piece black cherry neck with a ebony fingerboard and headstock veneer. Adjustable Two way truss rods. 1 3/8 inch wide at the nut, 25 1/2 inches scale. Rubner brass high ratio tuners. Hand cut and engraved mother of pearl inlays. Moon bridge, medium tension steel strings. The bone nut is filed to accept nylon strings without any modification. Sweet old time sound . Plated Second Life Banjo / Carl Arcand number 1305-4 and ready to play.


1921 Orpheum No.2 serial No.14151. 24 5/8 inches scale

$ 2950 USD

1921 Orpheum No.2 Ruttberg and Lange banjo.Serial number 14151.  


Beautiful 12 1/4 inches in diameter hard maple 5/8 of an inch thick rim with a one piece maple cap and a very nice cap binding. The pot assembly is all original with large close end ball hook nuts. The bracket shoes and bolts, the tension hoop and the tone ring still have the original plating is very good condition. The nickel plated hooks are new.  The wood rim has been cleaned and lightly refinished with tru-oil. 

The 24 5/8 inches scale ebony fingerboard and headstock veneer are mounted on a hard rock north America sugar maplewood neck  laminated with ebony, maple and bloodwood.

A double action truss rod is installed in the neck to prevent neck bow or twist. The hand cut MOP inlays have the same patterns as the original tenor neck.

The set up includes a calfskin, a 5/8 moon bridge, a Presto or Kerschner tailpiece (at your choice), Gotoh tuners, medium gauge strings, bone nut,nickel / silver frets.

Neck dimensions are 1 5/16 inch width at the nut and 1 15/16 inch at the last fret. the thickness of the total neck is 7/8 inch from first to sixteen fret. Strings action is set at 2,2 mm at the last fret.

The banjo can be tunes in open G and in the key of A without capoing the neck. The sound is rich and deep in open G tuning, clean with a lot of voice when tuned in the key of A.  

A Superior hard shell bump case is included.

5 days shipping with Canada Post and USPS is included for United states of America and Canada. 

Plated Second Life Banjo No. 1252-4 and ready for another century of music.